Quick Takes Vol. 2; Ed. 3

Parenting Olivia can be a challenge. She is WONDERFUL and on the other side of that wonderful is an equally strong difficult side.  Teaching her to choose the wonderful has been a daily struggle. Lately, Olivia has taken to making hot chocolate every morning for her and her older sister (Oldest sister drinks coffee. Bailey the middler still prefers hot chocolate.) Since Olivia and Bailey can have a very tenuous relationship, I always find this very sweet. This morning Olivia found some flavored hot chocolate that a friend gave us (shout out to Kristen!) and became very excited that she was going to be able to surprise her sister with some very delicious hot chocolate that she wasn't expecting.  I'll take the sweet moments to remember when I am trying to keep my head from exploding.

2. I was not ready for reality Monday. It's Friday and I still haven't fully reconciled with reality. I'm also not fully reconciled with Hunky's new six day work week.  I'm working on it. We have managed school, personal study, my eating (no sugar), and a menu plan this week. Apparently getting back into regular exercising was beyond me.  It will all come together in due time.

3. Sometimes you get very blessed to be standing on the very periphery of watching God work a miracle of redemption, grace, and love.  This month I have been in just such a position. Watching an actual living, breathing example of God's Kingdom come has breathed new hope, life and mercy into me.  I love the phrase "beauty for ashes", but it is only a pale shadow compared to being allowed to see that beauty take shape in the lives of people you love. While I could wish that the pain that preceded it had not happened, the pain was necessary to bring out the depth and breadth of God's power. Incredible.

4. I love seeming contradictions, while God is definitely calling me to become more simple and focused in my physical life, he's also definitely leading me down a path to get really messy spiritually. Everywhere I turn He points me to the "least of these" and reminds me that money is an easy sacrifice and we are moving past easy sacrifices. It's about to get all hands on up in here.  Scared to death? You BETCHA!

5.  This week, I have been engaging in the practice of praying the hours.  The experience and practice itself is still to new to me to really say much about it here, yet. However, I do have a funny story. My children's phone has a cute little chime sound to signal an incoming text.  I have chosen the same cute little chime sound as my alarm tone on my phone, and have been using that sound and that phone to signal me when it is time to pray (yes, I am that forgetful...welcome to humanity).  By Wednesday the habit was already beginning to form: chime=pray. Which means that since Wednesday, every time the girls get a text I jump up and grab my prayer book.  Pavlov would love me, and my girls think it's hysterical. ( Ha ha! Their phone literally just signaled, and I literally just jumped and looked at the clock---again)

6. This week I still have not written as much as I want to and when I do it has felt forced and harried.  I need to find a set time for writing which means I need to train myself to do that in the afternoon (Not my strong point. I'm a morning girl. Don't hate).  I simply cannot fit another thing into the morning hours before school starts (once I start exercising again, that is) without cheating the things that are already there and  those things are the non-negotiables.  Discipline is both good and bad in that it stretches me and can be difficult to maintain, but it certainly is one of the things that makes me pay attention to the minutes, hours and days.  One day I have to give account, you know. OY!

7. I'm still in a bit of a book rut. The ones I am reading, I really am loving. I'm just finding it hard to sit down and commit to reading much lately.  Which really isn't like me. Maybe it will even out ones the pillars of our day to lives are firmly re-established.  For everything there is a season, a time to read books and a time to...what does one do when one isn't reading?  ;)

And that sound really IS my phone alarm chiming the 9am hour. Have a great week-end ya'll!


Lorri said...

Oh, I can relate to lots of these points. I can feel change coming here, too.

Maria Summers said...

I am about to blog on some necessary pain, coming from an unexpected source, to induce change.

Aisling Beatha said...

What you wrote about 3, made me cry in a way that anything else I knew about that situation or had read, did not.

Oh and I'm with you on the not writing enough. I was going to do a quick grab writing artists date this morning and left my bag in Andrew's car! Still, there's always tomorrow.

Pattie said...

I love you! Much to think about and process. You and I are on different paths right now in some ways, but in others, DANG girl we are the same! I am grateful for you and your friendship.

Dana Portwood said...

I know you are...exciting and scary all at once! Just like being pregnant!

Dana Portwood said...

I will be reading!

Dana Portwood said...

Zoe I may have cried more of this situation which only very slightly involves me than I have about anything in a long time...but the latest tears have been the best. Keep praying...the redemption has begun, the hard work comes next.

Dana Portwood said...

I'm so grateful for your friendship too!!!!