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This morning I quoted Dr. Seuss, "Grey day. Everything is grey.  I watch, but nothing moves today." And so it is that some days and even some seasons seem a bit grey. Answers aren't clear and colors are muted and so you wait.  You wait and you wonder when the sun will come out from behind the clouds. Because you know when it does each raindrop will turn to diamonds and a rainbow of promise will stretch from horizon to horizon. And all at once all the colors will be so sharp and so vivid that you will draw breath sharply and for one moment actually wish that the beauty of this life would never end.

I love the vivid moments, but the truth is, without the grey days they lose their sharpness.

If I don't know the blurred edges and the muted tones of the soft days, how will I fully embrace the clarity of the vivid ones with edges so sharp they almost seem to cut your soul, making blood run like tears.

Joy is vivid and sharp, but it is also muted and soft, filling the edges and rounding the corners so they don't cut so harshly when the clouds clear the sun makes life vivid once more.



jessicatelian said...

This is so true. Thank you for sharing!

digtoesin said...

Oh thank you for this. What an encouragement to me to embrace the grays of life.