7 Quick Takes: Post Travel Edition Vol 2; Ed 6

1. This week the girls and I traveled to Tennessee to be with my Mom for her birthday.  It was a good trip, and I am so glad I went, even if for a short time. Being at my growing up home is both comfortingly familiar and sometimes a distressing reminder of how much time has gone by and how quickly it continues to go.  Not to mention the fact that life is simply better after a double dose of great dane love.  I love them enough that it almost makes me want to buy a house so I can have a horse disguised as a dog. However my mom has TV and watches news a lot. A few minutes of that is enough to dissuade me from the "investing" in a house desire, ever.

2. Wednesday started Lent.  I am still sorting out what all of that means for me. I am giving something up, but I feel strongly that for me that is not the entire commitment. However since nothing further has been revealed, I am continuing to wait and listen. As of Tuesday night, I had pretty much decided to give up blogging, but God put a hold on that with the phrase he just keeps repeating into my life right now, "Stay the course. Keep doing the work you are doing as you are doing it."   So walking away from this medium isn't what I am called to despite a painful reminder that even the most innocuous of words can come back to haunt me, as though anything I write here is the entire story of me, or anything anyone else in my life.

3. I've been listening to this song a lot lately, "Let's risk the ocean; there's only grace"  Yes.

4.  My technology fast is nearing an end.  I'll be happy to have email back, but I think I am giving up social media entirely.  For me, it's too distracting and too much of a time waster, and points glaringly to my weakness with self-discipline.  I'm actually not too sad about it. I'm working on some other structures to follow so I don't just hop back on and glut myself for sixteen hours of mindless surfing the first day back. I ended up giving up blogging much more than intended to originally at first.  I apparently associate the computer more with time wasting than constructive writing. That's a construct I'd like to change for the better.

5. I returned home to wonderfully working plumbing and a fully functioning septic tank. Grateful is an understatement. Spoiled by first world conveniences would also be a huge understatement. I sometimes wonder if it's healthy for every blessing to come with a dose of conviction, then I realize that that is what is building both passion and compassion within me.  Hearts of stone don't get tenderized into flesh easily, I suppose.

6. I've been reading a great deal of Thomas Merton and Brennan Manning lately.  Oh and Richard Rohr.  I think he's my new addiction.  I do have to be careful, though, to balance thinking with action.  It would be so easy for me to drift away to a hermitage (with the hunky, of course) and disappear into my own head and my garden (my hermitage would so have a garden).  But that's not my calling.  Then there's the whole issue of my unending selfishness.  Being tied to a community and uniting faith with action is certainly the antidote for that issue.

7. I leave you with this image. This is our silly dog who was so stressed about being left behind that he sat in the car for over an hour before leaving and refused to be moved by any form of coaxing or pleading. He is nothing if not determined


Pattie said...

Head and heart balance--this has been haunting my thoughts also. (Thinkerly vs actionly)

I love the dog photo--I really miss my dog, but I know I can't replace her with another. Maybe the moose will come back and adopt me?

ang klocke said...

I keep getting messages from self (or otherwise): Quit. But I seem to be hearing the same messages from God: Wait, stay on course, be still, and listen.