7 Quick Takes; Vol 2. Ed. 5

1. I have a confession to make. I spent a ridiculous amount of time this morning bird watching. It started out innocently enough: I was eating my breakfast at the table in front of the giant windows. Geese are grazing in the yard (their names are Juan and Rosalita).  Then the great blue heron came and began stalking the fish that hide in the sea wall shadow. The bald eagles made a brief appearance over the island and headed out to more open water. Then a she-cardinal stopped just outside the window in the holly bush, and I began to notice all the very small, very busy little birds that were literally inches away.  I now know distinctively the difference between a house wren and a carolina wren (and am rather ashamed that I ever mixed the two up to begin with).  I laughed at the acrobatics of a tufted tit-mouse.  She cardinal was joined by he-cardinal and a feast was had from whatever feast foods fall into the crevices of decks. A chickadee scolded them all in turn.   All in all, it was some of the best breakfast entertainment I have had in awhile.

2. I realized today how close we are to Lent and I am looking into some Lenten readings and/ or prayers.   I'm actually pondering buying the entire Divine Hours set by Phyllis Tickle.  I have been using Thomas Merton's Book of Hours all this month. It is written in only a seven day cycle so I repeat the prayer offices each week which has also been a good discipline.  But after this month, I am ready to find a new source.

3. My wonderful Hunky has been spoiling me the last two weeks with a gift every day for the twenty days leading up to the twenty year anniversary of our first date (which was, yes, on Valentines Day).  I felt thoroughly loved and spoiled the entire time and yesterday encouraged him to continue the practice for the rest of the year. I've had meals made, books given, gifts sent to our Compassion children, playlists for my ipod, videos and so many other sweet and thoughtful gifts. Today he is coming home from work and taking the girls out to lunch and wherever else fancy strikes them to go and leaving me alone alone alone, gloriously alone for several hours!!  My introvert is so happy!

4. I started the 100 workout this week.  All my muscles hate me, especially my abs and my ankle.  I didn't know that a joint could actually hold a personal grudge and conspire against you, but my ankle does and is. Fortunately, my ankle is being introduced to my stubborn streak.  It will obey. And in case you were wondering, yes, it does make me want to die while I am doing it.

5.I am washerless again as we have discovered some sort of leak in the pipes in the laundry room wall.  The leak is causing damp carpets and a general musty yuk smell.  A plumber is supposedly coming today, but as we don't know how extensive the problem is, we don't know how long it will take to fix it.  I'm torn between being happy to be renting and not financially responsible for this, and being so disappointed that our wonderful friends who let us live in this magical house are having to pay for it.  So for many reasons I am hoping for a speedy and financially light solution to this problem.

6. Did you know that a group of heron is called a hedge? I did not until this week.  I love that almost as much as I love the hedge of herons  that have begun hanging out near and over my house.

7.  My Hunky just arrived home and so I must depart to spend my glorious time alone...offline and in blissful silence.


Aisling Beatha said...

I get plenty of alone time most days. Will be getting much less of it over the next few weeks as Andrew will be working from home 3 days a week.

Bia said...

a gift every day for the past two weeks? WOW!

Maria Summers said...

a miss you -- a fact i talked about in my 7 quick takes. you are already almost halfway through this fast.