7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol. 2; Ed. 8

1. It is officially one week until I leave for Arizona. Granted, we don't actually leave until Saturday morning, but today is one full week of usable days before travel Saturday.  This is the point where I remind myself not to freak out, to take lots of deep breaths and to write everything down lest it be forgotten.  I have my trusty notepad on my desk for all the lists, thoughts, and possibilities.  Tonight the mission team is descending on the house for dinner and prayer and I actually feel ready for that so I'm way ahead of the curve there.

2. I spent a great deal of time this week in the sun. A great deal.  It's been completely marvelous.  The warm days, the long evenings, the summer haircut for the dog, the longing that my family would be happy with only cut up fruits and salads every day for dinner...the calendar says march but I promise that my attitude is screaming summertime. I'm enjoying watching the full fleshing out of Spring. Usually we miss a chunk of it while we are out west.  We'll even have mowed a few times before leaving.

3.  I started this blog this morning. It's now 8:45 pm and here it sits still unfinished.

4. I actually swam in the lake this week.  It's chilly, to be sure, but it's warmer every day.  I never realized what torture it would be to be on the water and not actually able to be IN the water for five months.  I'm very ready to spend hours of time drifting and splashing and swimming and diving.  Our brown water snake is still hanging around. We're really encouraging him to relocate before our first night swim.

5. This week Spring fever really took hold of us all. The girls wanted to play outside all day long so most mornings we didn't start school until after 11am.  I told the hunky that golden springtime mornings when you are still young enough to play make believe don't come along often enough, and I was letting them grab every one (he then reminded me that my oldest will be SEVENTEEN in three years and now we are not speaking).  I mostly just wanted to sit in the sun and read like a fiend.  I guess eventually we will all have to be responsible again, but this week wasn't a week where much was checked off the to-do list, for certain.  However it ranks quite high on the life well lived list, so I consider it a fair trade. (*upon editing this blog I realize that this is kind of a repeat of #2. This is what happens when a blog sits unfinished for twelve hours. Or when you bake your brain in the sun all week.  Either way, I don't have anything else more exciting to say, so it's staying.*)

6.  I started mentally laying out my wardrobe for packing this week.  Air-Tran recently reduced it's carry on luggage size so I am a little worried that I won't be able to fit everything in my bag. However, I have been practicing packing less the last few places we have gone, and I think I am going to be able to make it work.

7.  Sometimes I put things here in the blog because it makes me way more accountable later on. I am very seriously considering going on a one year consumer fast: one year of not buying new things for myself (obviously groceries and cosmetics are excluded).  I haven't fully fleshed out how it will work in my mind. But I'm very much pondering and reasoning through the idea starting after Easter Sunday (we get back from Az. the day before Easter). When I get it all situated in my mind, I'll be sure to share more here.

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Leann Richardson said...

Look forward to both your trip update and your year project. Sounds like you had an amazing week... I miss you a lot but I know you are happy. I am very glad for that! :)