Quick Takes Friday: Vol.2, Ed. 7

1. Am I the only person out there who is just chomping at the bit for warmer weather? I know I shouldn't grumble. We've had an extremely mild winter here where I have only rarely even needed a coat.  However yesterday was so gorgeously warm and wonderful. We all sat outside in our shorts and tank tops. We even used sunscreen.  We talked about swimming and even put our feet in the water to reassure ourselves that it really was still winter-cold, mild winter weather or not.  Today it is dreary again, and cool.  My slippers are on and my hoodie, and even at that I am a touch chilly.  The past two nights the lake has been glassy still and all I can think of is diving in for a night swim.  Last but not least, I've been schlepping about in warm jammie pants for at least a month now because they are both w arm and comfortable.  I'm pretty sure Hunky thinks I've purged all my real grown-up clothes.Yes, I am definitely ready for something a bit warmer and consistently sunny.  I know we'll get there soon.  Remind me if I make comments about the heat that it's what I wanted on this day in March.

2. I'm enjoying the freedom of being back online and able to research whatever I want, find new recipes (current new favorite: roasted cauliflower. I can eat an entire head myself) and generally be a bit more connected.  I'm also enjoying using it only as a tool to communicate and save time rather than being a slave to it.  I performed a radical blog feedectomy this week and am down to my very favorite and most useful or loved blogs.  That was not an easy task and there may be some refining down the road.

3. I am still not following my one book at a time rule, but I am currently reading just two: The Rest of God: Restoring your Soul by Restoring Sabbath and Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Second Half of life.  Both are quite excellent.  I mentioned yesterday that our Sabbaths have been rather haphazard this year.  The Sabbath book has been refreshing to my heart for that.  It is definitely a slow read, one to savor not devour.  Falling Upward feels as though someone looked into my head, saw what was going on in there and wrote a book about it. I like the help of someone else crystallizing the chaos into sense, or at least providing a little stability for the journey.
Lest you think I'm only all about the spiritual, the latest Stephen King is also about to enter the reading sphere.

4. I haven't talked about this much, but I removed refined sugars from my diet again in January.  I did eat cake and a few other sugary treats while I was visiting my Mom's house a few weeks ago.  But over all it's been a consistent and certainly healthier diet change for me.  The last two weeks or so I have been breakfasting on lovely green smoothies.  I recently discovered the joy of a lemon smoothie ( lemon, banana and blueberry or strawberry with spinach to be exact).  Even my girls tell me they are delicious!

5.  I've been attempting to tackle the slightly overwhelming job of sorting and organizing all our paper photos.  The wonderful Hunky bought a groupon for 1,000 pictures to be scanned and stored, so I am trying to make the most of it by picking the best and ditching the rest.  I'm currently standing here surrounded by small piles of photos that I have avoided touching for two days because I reached a point where I felt I would never be able to get it done. I need to move past that today so we can ship those out.

6. I came to the realization yesterday that our mission trip is actually this month.  Life is racing towards it at blinding speed. The last few weeks have been filled with wonderful, amazing stories of God providing the money for folks to go (one of my favorite parts of the entire trip).  Now its time for me to start making lists and determining what is essential. Since I have been preaching paring down and minimalism, I am going to practice it and take only a carry on for a full seven days.  The mission house has washer and dryer, so I am probably making this out to be more difficult in my head than it actually will be.

7. I loved this blog: Toxic which talked about something I've been slowly turning over in my mind for some time.  I do firmly believe that we cannot avoid encountering toxic things, people and situations, but that it is in our power to choose whether or not to invest in the things that slowly poison our lives and our joy.  We actually can control a great deal of the level of involvement, physical, mental and emotional, with these poisons and those choices can change our lives drastically for the better or the worse.


Maria Summers said...

I finally posted another Quick Takes today

Pattie said...

The Toxic blog was amazing. I think I need to purge some toxic from my head...and life...

jen said...

#1: I firmly believe that fleece pajama bottoms are made of win. :)

#7: I'm a pastor's wife. Enough said.