Spring Ramble

Today is officially the first day of Spring...which technically means we started swimming again in winter this year.  Spring is very enthusiastic this year. Very.
I don't turn the air conditioning on until May.  Which may be why we are swimming in the winter.

A lot of people are complaining about the heat. Two weeks ago they were complaining about the cold.  Also there's a lot of complaining about the pollen.

I've stopped talking to most people.

Basically, I'm happy to sit on the dock and bake. Or the deck and bake.  Or lay in the lawn and bake (watch out for goose poop!)  I'm in lizard mode. Lizards soak in the heat and sit very still. They also don't talk much.  I like these things.

This weather makes it hard for me to have discipline for school, or house work, or laundry, or serious reading.
My mind thinks it is on Spring Break. The calendar says I am most definitely not on Spring Break.

Nor are my children who rely on me for their education.

It's weather like this that makes me rethink public school.  Imagine it: Me. Alone. All. Day. Long. Baking in the warm, warm sun. Lizarding. And reading.....mmmmmmmmm.

But the Hunky would probably make me get a Jay-Oh- Bee and then I would REALLY not be able to sit and bake in the sun ever.  I don't want a Jay-Oh-Bee.  (*whispers - ever*)

I don't think deep thoughts. I don't introspect endlessly. My thoughts just slip along like the rippling wavelets stirred up by the breeze.

I've been running. Running makes me quite tired.  I have to adjust physically to this before I really do go on Spring break where there won't be much baking but there will be much working and very uncomfortable beds.

I love Aleve.

I also love running in the cool morning temps with the sun just coming up.  When I run first thing in the morning I mentally permit myself to slack off more because, "I ran today and that was a lot of work already."


I'm such a slacker.

That is the state of things here. Swimming. Sun. Baking. Reading. Running. Very little motivation to do much else.
Maybe it's actually the first day of summer..... hmmmmm.

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Aisling Beatha said...

I can't do "baking", it makes me go a ridiculous shade of bright red after far too short a time. :(
But I do have the kitchen window open this afternoon, enjoying the fresh air.