Wanton Spring

Spring took leap year as a challenge,
And so she has leapt -
Trees thrust leaves eagerly into the abundant sun.
Flowers, bees, birds and bugs
a wanton frenzy of waking and wildness.
Simmering afternoon showers overtake
the clicking susurration of sprinklers.
Out-of-season swimming beckons the truly brave
or the slightly heat drunk.
Spring flirts with sultry wiles:
pale pink misty mornings give way
to afternoon breezes cooling
sweat dampened necks, sun-kissed shoulders.
She drifts slow as water
sliding down my icy glass.
But underneath, mercurial she
still holds the stiff coat tails of old man winter
And should she stubborn prove may call again
those icy fingers into our summer reverie.
Reminding all that no matter her manner of dress today
she will do what she will do with tomorrow
and make no apologies.

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