Chasing Simplicity

(This one could be subtitled: The one where I meet the wall)

I drove another six hours today. For anyone doing the math - that's six hours last Thursday, 2,000 miles on Saturday, anywhere from 30-80 miles almost everyday we were in Show Low, 2,000 miles Saturday, and then again today with the traveling.

The good news: I so have my babies home again (they begged for another week, but we paid for CIY Believe this weekend so I told them they had to come home.)
The bad news: I am just done. I've hit the wall.

After we got home today around 3pm, I gimped around (right calf, don't ask because I don't know.  I just know it hurts a lot and is currently on ice...) attempting to return things to a state of normal.  Laundry cycled.  Dinner decided on and served.  Floors vacuumed. You know, the things moms do.  I spent a lot of time thinking about the fact that it's one month until my birthday (you can guarantee this isn't the last time you will hear that countdown), the last one before forty. I'm calling it pre-40 because I really am that excited about turning 40. It's a survivor thang.  Those thoughts went along with pondering information from three books I read/ am reading during and since my travels: The 100 Thing Challenge, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess - a reread, because yes, it's that good - and Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life.

All of these have tie-ins with some ideas, hopes, and aspirations I have for the next year.  So much is changing for me, good changes, fulfilling...and difficult as well. They all revolve around the concept of having less and being more: more attentive, more free, more content, more joyful, more generous, more me. I'm pretty excited about them all.  So excited I wanted to blog about them, but then my brain stopped responding, and I became a walking zombie who only cared about sleep, sleep and more sleep. In her glorious bed. Her glorious soft bed in a room where there are no other beds, or squeaky bed frames, or thin mattresses, or sleep talkers, or other women sleeping (Arizona makes me reallllly appreciative of my wonderful bed).

The 100 Thing Challenge - oh I am planning to take it. With a few tweaks to make it all mine,
More changes, more rebelling against excess - those will be happening too.
More writing in order to work it all out - you know it.

Right after I get over this wall.  Some things about pre-40 (like this aging body) are less desirable than others.


Leann Richardson said...

So glad you are off the road for awhile. I like traveling but not sitting in the car so much for that length of time. You were missed...

I finally picked up 7... cannot wait to dive in. I loved the preview of the first chapter I read before I picked it up. :) Still on the journey... cannot wait to hear more of yours.

Love you!

Dana Portwood said...

I'm actually back on the road in ten days. Florida bound baby! We're going to a conference...I am VERY excited.

You will love 7. She's very honest, very real and very relate-able.

Leann Richardson said...

What kind of conference?

We have a local True Woman conference coming up that my girlie is going to with me. I am excited to be taking her to this event. Some precious women teaching at the event that have a heart for young women!

Dana Portwood said...

A church planters conference. I'm totally stoked.

Leann Richardson said...

Cool... if Dan walked in tomorrow and said we were going on the mission field I could be packed in a week and would have the biggest garage sale you have EVER seen!!! LOL