Lovely Little Things

Afternoon at Lockerly Arboretum

Emotionally, this week has been a wringer. Whys don't matter since we all know what it's like to have a time that nearly nails you to the floor.
This morning I awoke sometime before 5am and laid in the dark listening to the rain, and to the Hunky getting ready to leave and drive a long way in the rain. I felt heavy, and weary. Staying in bed all day seemed a grand plan.

But instead I did venture from the bedroom.  I checked the forecast and found today to be described as "Variably cloudy and beautiful"  I argue the accuracy of that for the actual weather here today (just plain yukky), but it ended up the perfect descriptor for my actual day.

Call me shallow, but I have a little hair vanity. I've worn my mop just about every way imaginable (bald too), but lately it just hasn't felt like me.  The call to simplicity wasn't matching up with what was happening on my head. Too much time, too many products and a whole lot of angst! Not worth it.

I went and had it all cut off. No lie. She pulled out the clippers; I nearly choked, and fifteen minutes later I left happier than I have been in a. long. time.  Hair, we are going to rock summer, rock simple and rock 100 things.  Isn't it silly what a little hair cut happy can do to a girl?

The rest of the day followed suit with pleasant little surprises coming from all around. Our IRS refund check arrived, and was more than we anticipated.  The girls science class ran long, and I took a lovely walk.  The birds were in rare form today, maybe because of the weather, but the pageantry included: geese, ducks, great blue heron, osprey, the bald eagles, cardinals, crows, mockingbirds, tit mice (tit mouses?), brown thrashers, nut hatches, wrens, both house and carolina, and a great deal of owl song (though no actual owl spotting). What? We all know I'm a bird nerd so don't act all surprised that I sat entranced in front of my windows for a good long time.

I'm  all about the big surprises (my birthday is in three weeks), but today was about the understated lovely little things that fill the nooks and crannies, lift the spirit and unnail your soul from the floor.

Thank you, Lord.

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