Quick Takes Friday Vol 2.; Ed. 10

1. It's Friday again! I seriously sat and thought to myself, "What in the world will I blog about today?" and then I thought "Oh my stars! It's Friday!" So here we are with another Quick Takes --two weeks in a row this time! Look at me go!  I may make this one more picture-iffic because I have taken quite a few pics this week. If you follow me on Facebook you will have seen some of them.  I'll try not to repeat myself too much. Yes, I am back on facebook. I blame a few amazing people who are  a necessary part of my daily life, and I really only have regular access to them through social networking. Stop being awesome, and I won't be online. I've played a great deal this week, but next week there won't be online access and after that I'll be imposing self restrictions. No need to rebuild idols, folks.

2.     This week has had stretches of non-motivation and a great deal of purging. I had hoped to make a run with everything to our local thrift store this week but we had the car being worked on for three days (apparently after 212,500 miles the odometer stops working), we played car tag a lot.  I also helped with the care of a darling yoga prodigy. It's way too much hassle to do the in and out with his car seat in my car so we stay home when he's here. All that to say, I can no longer move freely in my laundry room because of all the purged stuff and that is really starting to bother me.

3. I also intended to start my 100 thing challenge list this week, but that didn't really happen either.  I felt very bogged down and overwhelmed at the process. Don't ask me how this all goes together, but I got all my hairs chopped off yesterday, and now I feel much less encumbered. I reiterate, I'll determine the gender and species of snakes, bury headless carcasses of feathered friends and wield a mean sledgehammer and crow bar, but I am all girl when it comes to my hair.  Don't judge. I will start counting this weekend and carry on after we return from Florida. I did read up on a few other people experiments and found some clarity.  It's all good.

4. I've been eating pepper-jack cheese and blackberry jelly grilled cheeses. Again, don't judge.

5. My girls spent hours upon hours swimming in the lake this week. Even I ventured in again last weekend and found it brisk but enjoyable. However since Wednesday fickle spring has been showing her attitude turning the weather rainy (which we do need), foggy, windy, chilly and just plain dreary.  I remembered the other day that I should pick up a few rafts before my consumer freeze begins. It's been rather illuminating just how many things have popped into my mind that, "Oh! I really have to get that before I can't spend anymore!" Then I have to evaluate and decide if it's something I really need, or am I just panicking at the thought of wanting it down the road and not being able to have it. We are an immediate gratification culture for sure.  As the Hunky put it, " A slow cooker style of discipline is difficult to learn when we live in a microwave culture."  Amen that.

6. Am I the only person who is very sad that this is the last season of House? I never hear anyone talk about it any more, but I just love that show. I think it's some of the greatest character development in the history of television.  I'll be very sad to see it end.

7. Finally, I leave you with this thought. The day that 40lbs of cheese arrives on your doorstep, is a very good day indeed.


melissa said...

Beautiful post (and gorgeous photo of you, as well!). Your writing is spot on, and your husband's quote is as well. Must make a note of it.

(btw, I've moved all over the blogosphere...new blog after last one was hacked...c'mon over!)


Love, Melissa (if you know several Melissas, hope you remember me of long ago!)

heidi hennings said...

#3 Love the hair!!
#4 I would eat. Sounds like a Monte Cristo (yummy!) minus the meat.
#6 Love the show. No time to watch so I haven't seen it in a couple years, but sad indeed.

Dana Portwood said...

LOL of course I know who this is! I will be sure to visit your blog today! Hope you and all your lovely children are well!

Dana Portwood said...

Thank you! I love it too!

The sandwich is RIDICULOUSLY delicious!

I still love the show - it's one of the 2-3 we watch.