She was born to make an entrance.
The only child I know who was conceived while mom was already pregnant.
She is the gift received in a misdiagnosed miscarriage.
When you think you  are pregnant you don't try not to get pregnant.
When you are me, that means you get pregnant.

By the time we found the doctor's mistake, she was already there, waiting to be discovered.
When she was discovered, it didn't matter that we didn't plan her and had no idea where we would put her outside the belly.  We simply couldn't wait to meet her face to face.

She is the one who proves my DNA carries to my babies, though she will tell you she doesn't look like me, she looks like herself.

She is always very much herself;
Her own opinions,
Her own style,
Her own mind,
Her own way.

She hates math.
She learns faster than anyone I have ever met

Her passion and her temper match her hair. I am loathe to quench either.
She has taught me more about patience than I thought possible. She sharpens me and makes me better day by day.
If I don't become better, she will  best me.

Everything she does is filled to bursting with potential. Her talent, intelligence, humor and desire are boundless.
She lives larger than life- she comes by it quite honestly. She was born on the day I celebrate life.
She does not let me claim her day, ever. She'd squeeze me out of my own birth month if she could.
She may also have inherited her mother's stubborn.

She is fierce and feisty. She'll challenge your ideas, your reasons and your authority.
She knows what she knows that she knows and she doesn't back down.

She's going to change the world one day.
I can't wait to watch it happen and cheer her on.

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Ms. Lee said...

This is such a wonderful description of your girl. I wish I knew her better.