Five Minute Friday: Identity

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It's ironic that the topic on my birthday would be "Identity."  I've been thinking all day that this is almost a bench mark birthday. This is the year to end the first half strong.  This is the time to start the map for the second half of life in the direction I want it to go.  This is the time of cementing my identity with my calling.  I've fought both for a long time. Tried to be someone I am not, or change myself into something that never quite fit.  All along God has called me softly, leading, not pushing, to show me just who I was created to be in Him.  There have been many things that had to be stripped away, some, desperately painful. There have been so many countless blessings some huge, beyond asking or imagining, some small, but all intimately and perfectly designed by the One who knows me best to bless in a way that is specifically mine.
Hand-crafted to suit my one-of-a-kind identity.
It hasn't always been one I would have chosen.  It is one that will, in the future, continue to cause me some grief. It isn't one whose road is easy, smooth or without its share of curves and even side paths.
But its mine. From before the dawn of time, God planned me, who I am, what I will do, what ways He will use me to make His kingdom come.
"In the second half of Job's life, God blessed Him more than the first."  But not until after Job had been stripped of who he thought he was, and shown instead who God really is, and who he is in God.

It's time to embrace my identity because only I can.  I can't even begin to imagine the blessing He has for me when I do.


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