Opportunity: 5 Minute Friday

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Isn't that what haunts us? What bites at our heels always spurring us on to do more, to be more, to have more because what if (oh the what-if's), WHAT IF WE MISS THE ALL IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITY??  
What if it comes and on that day we don't have all the t's crossed and all the i's dotted and opportunity takes one look at our barely contained chaos and says, "Well I guess she isn't ready. This was the day that would change her life. But just forget it. I'm moving on."

Admit it.

It's what we all think will happen. We'll miss the boat and everyone else will get on it, leaving us here on this sad and dusty shore crying for what is lost.

I think we have it wrong. I don't think opportunity only knocks once. I think it visits again and again each day, every day, sometimes every hour and minute. And each  time we have a chance to seize it and live it to the fullest: to laugh the laugh, to watch the bird, to rock the child, the have the conversation, to rest just a small moment, to be.  Opportunity isn't a fractious miser with only one gift for each in our entire lifetime of days.
Opportunity is extravagant and generous, begging us to make the most of it, not wait for the least of it. It wants us to celebrate and revel and embrace with arms and eyes wide open each fleeting minute that it presents. It croons softly "Live. Really live. Be. Yourself. In the moment. And I will never, ever be hard to find."  It calls and knocks and shows up at the doorstep and insinuates itself in the corners and sometimes knocks us flat on the sidewalk it wants so badly to be found. Not in one momentous decision, but in a thousand life changing events, the minutes that fill our lives every single day.

Slow down.
We are only going to miss opportunity if we run right by it so narrow minded that we miss all the gifts already surrounding us.

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