Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 2 Ed. 12

1. It feels like ten years have passed since my last quick takes. I even checked to see if I skipped last week, but no. I did not.  Looking back over my week, it didn't seem the busy day to day but now that I am at the end of it, it feels like it was a weighty, busy, ragged week.

2. As I was typing #1, the power went out. Then we went to a movie - The Avengers. It was indeed awesome!  Then we came home and had a family dinner. Then we swam for an hour.  I am not feeling so much like blogging any more which is unfortunate since I didn't finish this earlier and there are still five more scintillating and amazing things I have left to share with you.

3. Next week is fairly momentous. It contains Olivia's 12th birthday, my 16th cancerversary, and my birthday, a wedding, Mother's day, and a visit from my mom.  I expect to be fairly worn out by the end of it all.

4. Today has been great fun but it hasn't felt particularly restful.  I am selfishly happy that this weekend is pretty empty as far a places to be or things to prepare for.  In fact, other than church, I still have two full days in front of me. I really haven't done any real counting on my 100 things challenge, though I have purged a lot, lot, lot. I think I am intimidated to count for fear I will realize I own a BILLION things and then have to come clean about it. It could happen. I'm not sure then what the fallout would be, but I am fairly certain it's no where near the scale I have built it up to be in my head.

5. Tuesday started my Non-Consumer Experiment.  This past month has been so off kilter that it kind of snuck up on me. Apparently when one is about to not spend for a year, one runs out, purchases three tank tops, some rafts and a pretty flimsy cheese slicer.  Then one runs home, grabs a few songs off I-tunes and stocks up on writing and geography curriculum for next year. That's it. That 's all I had time to do after all my thinking about it when it came to the last day. So with a wing and a prayer, I'm off.  This week hasn't felt very weird or hard, and I still went to the grocery store too many times. That's the real hurdle.  I have to get some personal guidelines for that.

6. I was inspired by a friend today to start putting together some reading lists for my girls this summer. They read avidly but tend to stick to the fantasy/ science fiction genre, and I am going to force them to spread their wings a bit and read some new things.  When I get those lists put together, I'll share them here if anyone is interested.

7. Today is the day I cop out of 7 Quick takes.  We'll call it 6.25 Quick takes Friday!


Pattie said...

I would love to know what they decide to read. M2 (who is 12) is reading "Little Women" and actually enjoying it now that she's used to the 19th century language.

Jeanne said...

Have your girls read Andrew Peterson's Wingfeather Saga books yet? Yes, they're not what you're aiming for, but I'm sure they'd enjoy them. All our family has really enjoyed them. He's starting to write the last book of the series now - due out next spring. Would love to hear your take on them. Looking forward to your list, too. 2 of our grands are especially into books and are always interested in new recommendations.