7 Quick Takes Friday Vol. 2: Ed. 15

1. I literally cannot believe that it's June.  It's June which means camp is right around the bend and right after camp we start doing some school again (this is so we can take more frequent breaks during the traditional school year).  It's June which will be the half way mark for the year, and barely feel like I have even started anything at all.  It's June and time is just spinning away so fast I feel like I am missing big chunks of it doing I don't even know what.  It's June.  I'm freaked out about it a little bit.

2. Today being June 1st kind of snuck up on me. I'd set a little mental goal for myself to write every day in June because I am badly out of the habit, and I do enjoy it when I do it.  I found myself rushing to the computer after dinner and some relaxing realizing that I was about to wimp out on the very first day of my goal.  But never fear, here I am with no plan for what I am going to share whatsoever, but writing all the same.

3. I brought a van full of herbs home from my Mom's last week. This week I picked up a few more, and yesterday and today everything got all potted and planted. They look simply lovely and they taste just divine in my food.  All in all it's an endeavor that is making me very happy. I'm also planning some tomatoes (I know it's late in the year for this but when have I ever been on schedule?), and really am considering trying my hand at growing all my own lettuce in the front window area which comes complete with full greenhouse style sun windows and a large garden box area. It almost seems silly not to try it.  The farmer's market has ruined me for all other lettuce.

4. Yesterday we had the most exquisite lightning storm over the lake that I have ever seen.  It rolled through the clouds and then bolted down to the ground. It forked and sizzled and snapped.  It burned reverse images into my retinas and then flickered like a strobe. It was amazing.  I never ever get sick of watching the weather and living here on the lake we can see it rolling in for miles.  I love it.

5. Having decided that I am tired of running through the same small handful of recipes recently, I have been looking for new, healthy, things to try. I ran across a recipe for pizza on the grill today which I plan to try sometime this week.  It looks delicious!  I kind of lost my steam in enjoying cooking lately. I'm trying to get that back.  Somehow we seem to have drifted into the habit of me making 2 or 3 main meals a night to meet everyone's taste. I'm pretty tired of that.  If you see starving, weeping kids wandering down your street it might be mine. I'm also making them drink WATER at lunch. Oh the humanity!

6. Another one of my summer goals is to run 100 total miles. After taking several months off thanks to strangely gimp ankle (which still likes to swell up randomly all the time but no longer causes me pain), I've been easing back into running with a relaxed C25K plan.  I haven't run all the weeks all three times, in fact until this week I only ran one or maybe two circuits of each week before moving on.  But tomorrow I am scheduled to run 25 total minutes again which will be the longest/ farthest I have run since December.  It's supposed to be nice and cool in the morning, and I am really looking forward to enjoying my time.  It won't be long before I have to invest in some new shoes again. These are about sprung despite my lengthy time off.

7. I've had a bit of book ambivalence again this week.  I can't seem to settle on one thing.  Ironically a friend and I are reading a book together which I literally cannot put down.  Of course it's the one thing I shouldn't speed through; I'll definitely be rereading it a slower pace as we work through it together.  But other than that I can't seem to stick to one thing or idea.  I'm planning to narrow down my choices and start being a bit more focused this week.  I've got five and half uninterrupted me days coming up in just about a week that I am super excited about. I want to enjoy them and also utilize them as best I can.


Windy McKenzie said...

Later tomatoes will do fine. You'll just have tomatoes after everyone else has run out. I plan on planting a few more, too.

Lifes A Dance said...

I make my kids drink water before they get anything to eat. It is like I am asking them to drink poison. I tell them you may not be hungry but thirsty. AS for running...you can do it!!! I know you can.