5 Minute Friday: Stretch

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For the first week after my hysterectomy, I walked hunched and slow, protective of what had been damaged inside. I slept curled around pillows. I guarded fervently what had been so invaded and insulted lest it be unexpectedly wounded again. There came a time, thoug,h when my muscles became weary of holding such an unnatural posture, cramped and confined. I began to stand straighter, stoop less. I stopped being afraid of greeting the day by reaching as far and wide as I could with arms, back, legs, and ankles. But I found it didn't take long for my muscles to learn some bad habits. I still have to think to myself, "back straight, shoulders back, stomach in," or my body will reassume it's guarded stance, curling in on itself again.

It's so funny how so often God uses my physical circumstances to reflect my spiritual state.  I've assumed some bad, lazy habits. It didn't take long to happen, but lack of stretching, lengthening, relaxing has led to a guarded, inward focused posture.  This is not the attitude I was created to have either spiritually or physically.  It's time to stop protecting, uncurl, and resume the posture I was meant to take all along. It is work.

Reaching new heights is always work.

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Lorri said...

Oh, this is so true!