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It isn't as easy as you would suppose, to pick up threads left dangling when one frolics off to think about bacon and whatever other nonsense or catastrophic incidence gets thrown one's way.  I hadn't intended to leave for weeks and then months but once the weight and depth and breadth of life this summer became a place that could be tread and laughter again be found its way in, at least as readily as tears, once that time came  there were a million medical hoops to jump through and operations and procedures and friends with which to wallow in love and comfort. There were two thousand and twelve social obligations to navigate and at least fifty seven books to read from the library because, as I told the librarian, "I'm practicing survival and escapism through books." Life just barrel rolled me down the hill, all jumbled up in limb and thought. There has been so much deep,wild laughter and there has been a ten-year old in my bed with his broken mama crying about his dying Daddy and the enormity of it all...and what, what do you say during a summer like that?  I obviously didn't have words deep or profound enough for the grace of  this life-gift and so I said nothing.

But now is the still time. The time of recovery physically and mentally. The medical race is done and those things that dragged me down are being worked out in all the best and most beautiful ways, ways in which I played absolutely no part so why did I ever pick up that weight to begin with? So here we are. Together again.  Time to connect. I'm excited.


Pattie said...

What a great post, Dana. :)
I am so glad I connected with you lo these many years ago.......

Mrs. Lee said...

Glad, so glad, you are writing again!