Anatomy of a Sunrise

As much as I love clear, cool mornings, I can't deny the fact that it takes some clouds to really make an amazing sunrise. Without the clouds to reflect and magnify the light we have beauty but no real depth or color. This morning the clouds were such that I wasn't sure if we'd have a brilliant sunrise or just a grey start to the day. I took the time to sit and watch, and took some photos to share with you.
This is how sunrise began today. Dark above and below, with only a sliver of light in between

It only takes about five minutes before the sun brings color to the sky. If  you turn away, you miss the first moments.

In an instant, the clouds change entirely; the light changes entirely. Everything looks different.

For a little while, sun and clouds battle for dominance, but the clouds are moving and the sun is rising above.

For one more moment the clouds block the sun, but it only makes the light around them more beautiful

And now, day.

These pictures were taken on Sept., 15 between 6:45 and 7:30. None were retouched or enhanced. The light literally changed every two minutes. It was amazing.


Pattie said...

That is awesome!
By the way, my hubby informed me we are now losing 7 whole minutes of daylight a day. Nearly an hour a week. I'm kind of sad...

AGK said...

Ah, I do remember those Georgia sunrises!