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A butterfly in waiting is enjoying my parsley.
 I have a confession. For several weeks, in my mind, today was October 1st. You can see by the date stamp it isn't. When I really committed mentally to do 31 Days, that false belief made everything fall beautifully, perfectly into place. I have a really exciting, shiny, amazing new thing to share tomorrow, and since today was October 1 that allowed me to introduce my theme today and share the shiny, exciting, new thing tomorrow.


Except that today is not October 1. It's September 30.

Since I've never been a rule follower, I decided it's my 31 Days, and I can do it however I please. So I shall. It's 31 Day-eve, and I'm going to break down what I mean by "new things" today so that tomorrow on the real October 1 we can leap with both feet right into all the shiny newness of adventure that this month is going to be.

My definition of new things may not be the same as yours, so I'll set a few guidelines:

  • For my purposes, a new thing doesn't necessarily mean something I have never done, seen, or experienced before. For instance, I am going to start back to running ( I haven't really since my hysterectomy).  It's not a new thing, but it is a new start, an introduction of something I want in my life that isn't currently part of my life. New habits very much count.
  • Books, movies and music cannot be repeat performances to count as new. Unread, unheard and unwatched are the only things I will define as new in this category.
  • A different way of looking at something totally counts as a new thing. But my goal is to make most of this journey experiential.
  • Many of my new things will likely be quite small. I don't plan to go cliff diving or travel to China (oh, I wish).  I won't make apologies for that. I've learned that life's biggest changes are composed of all the small adjustments we make consistently along the way. That is my goal. I want to make some lasting changes which consist of small adjustments.
  • A blog entry doesn't count as a new thing. The practice of blogging is technically "new" according to principle #1, but I kind of think that's cheating.
  • Foods don't have to be new to me. I will count a new preparation of a familiar food.
So there you have it. Six simply guidelines that I will be, mostly, observing to help me travel this new road. As I said yesterday, waiting time is done, and now it's time to actively pursue some joy, change, and discipline. Here's to the journey...


Becky Perry said...

I can't wait!! Looking forward to reading all your new adventures

31 Days on a Plant-Based Diet

Donna McMorrow said...

Sounds like fun! Glad to have found you through Nester’s link up. I’m looking forward to what you have to share. I am blogging “I Wear Pink”. Please stop by.