It's Got a Great Beat: New Things Day 10

**If this is your first 31 Day entry and you would like to read more about the project, please look at the 31 Days tab at the top of this page.**

Way back at the beginning of this year, I took a forty day sabbatical from being online --read the reason here.  Obviously I have since more than reentered the interwebs arena, and overloaded on the social phenomenon that is facebook. For all it's faults and quirks and tedious political diatribes, the internet is where I  really do connect with people. Not phantom people or mad sycophants, but real flesh and blood women, most of whom are tripping or skipping, dragging or dreaming their way through this life.  Some of them I might see this evening, or this weekend.  Some I may not see for years at a time, but here in this world of bytes and posts is where keep up with all the day to day details.

It's difficult sometimes, especially when I'm dabbling in so many fun and new ideas, to not get so caught up in what happens in the magic box that I neglect the tangible part of life.

Yesterday I enjoyed my shut down so much that I have decided to make it a weekly event. Every Tuesday around noon until the same time Wednesday I'll be closing down, tuning out, rebooting my brain.  I need to set a few more time parameters on my time and use but this is a great start.  Me and discipline, we travel such a twisty road.

Part of my need to focus comes with a little added vision and responsibility here in the blogosphere. Writing at Middle Places is rather like leaping off a cliff with most of a hang glider. There really wasn't any way to foresee the immediate and far reaching response, and I think I can speak for all of us that we are dancing a delightful little two-step, just at a much faster tempo than we imagined.

When my friend, Maria, suggested a book to streamline my mojo rather than just scattering jewels to the four  winds and hoping it nets me a tennis bracelet, I listened.  Apparently, I'm going to do everything in 31 days increments since the book's title is 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo.  It's good though, right? I mean who can't do anything for 31 days? It's not like I had mini-meltdown yesterday on day 9 or anything...

I am enjoying the 31 days but I can tell you already, it moves pretty quickly for me. I don't always have time to enjoy a new thing before I have to jump to the next. Just like the balance between internet and real life, I'm finding balance between constant dabbling and being trapped in trudging sameness.

So to sum up: new plan, new process, new book.  Yep, still ridin' the new train.

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momof3girlz said...

Can't help but think of Inigo in the Princess Bride, "Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up."

love you and your blogging and your thinking and your planning!