I have been alone
in a room full of people
words and laughter
heavy in my ears.
"She's cute," they're thinking.
"Quaint, though a little backwards"
She sure can make them laugh
using jokes to parry verbal barbs.
"No offense"
The verbal anesthetic before the knife
slides home.
How could I, then, be offended?
I have been alone
the square peg
--and I do mean square--
"She marches to her own drummer
but she sure can tell a story"
So I weave
              shuck and jive
Sometimes they'll ask directly
only to say "I don't believe that."
I didn't ask you to,
it was you
who did the asking.
I have been alone,
the one they'll mentally dissect
when they get home
or maybe verbally but
    at least
       breeds ignorance
if they do.
Breeding ignorance, it seems,
an area in which I excel.
But if I stop sheltering them
perhaps my seed will be
more enlightened than I.

And I will be alone.

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