New Questions: New Things Day 5

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A highlight in my week, each week is my coffee and book time with my friend, Jacy. One of my favorite things to do at anytime is to read and discuss something. I love the bouncing around of ideas, the sharing of insight, the challenging that happens between people who trust each other. I need good friends to show me another perspective and question why I think or evaluate something a certain way. The give and take of experience and ideas is one of the things that fills me up.
We are reading a book together called Beauty Will Save the World by Brian Zahnd.  It is a wonderful, difficult book that both inspires me and makes me want to change things internally and externally. One quote in particular continues to probe my heart and mind:

We need to constantly ask ourselves, "Is this beautiful? Is this thought beautiful? Is the attitude beautiful? Is this action beautiful? Does it reflect the beauty of Christ and the cruciform?"
These questions, fly in the face of culture, mindset and behavior patterns at the deepest levels. Like scalpels incising flesh, like light illuminating the darkness, like the breath of life where cold death once reigned, they are the questions that can change everything from the least individual, me, to the whole crazy, broken world.
They are the questions that will be framing my life for a long time to come.

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