New Things Round - Up: New Things Day 6

**If this is your first 31 Day entry and you would like to read more about the project, please look at the 31 Days tab at the top of this page.**

When I started this little venture (you know, on Monday, in the days of yore), I really wasn't sure how it was going to pan out.  I, personally, don't always enjoy reading blogs that are just itemized to-do list reflections, so I knew I didn't want to simply say, "here's what I did today: 1)...2)...3)"  I also knew that if I didn't actively seek out one new thing each day, that I would end up only embracing the concept of new things and not actually enjoying anything new. It's not always easy to find time for something new. It requires that I plan a bit at the beginning of the day.  It may result in an adjustment of priorities. But each day, I have found a little something that I hadn't seen, read, tasted or experienced before. On Saturday each week, I am going to share these things with you.

New Foods:
This week I made three new-to-us dishes
Pinto Bean Soup - adaptations: I used canned beans and LOTS of cracked pepper. Oh my stars was this good!
Creamy Mushroom Sauce - I love pasta, but I find plain marinara rather blah, and I didn't have many veggies to play with, so I tried this instead. Oh. My. Goodness.
Bangers and Mash - this didn't actually involve making new types of food, but it was a new combination. Can you go wrong with mashed potatoes?
I love that I made THREE things that will now enter regular food rotation. Win.

New Books:
I'm currently reading
Walden by Henry David Thoreau and Simplicity: Essays by The Minimalists.  Both of these books I haven't read before.
I'm also dabbling in Charles Harper's Bird's and Words, Marianne Moore's O to be a Dragon and Nikki Giovanni's Acolytes.  Giovanni is a new to me poet. Marianne Moore I have read before but not this particular volume, and the bird book was checked out on a whim. It is delightfully fun!

New Explorations
I'm checking out a new e-zine (it's FREE): Simplify Magazine.  They take article submissions which I am seriously considering.
I picked up a few new blogs. I tend to be blog choosy because it really can be a time stealer, but I am very much liking these:
Your Lovely Life
Reading Rants

Two 31-day-ers that I've really spent time in this week:

The Deliberate Reader
Plant Based Mom - Becky is not a new-to-me blogger, but this blog is new. I'm not a vegan but I'm still finding plenty of recipes I want to try and information that's good to have.

There are other 31 Day blogs I am following, but I'm playing a little catch-up. Be sure to check next week for some new links.

New Media
This week I watched Lillies of the Field. I love Sydney Poitier. I really do.
I also watched the Season opener of Once Upon a Time with my family, which you may or may not count. We enjoyed it together and really are looking forward to the new season.

New Experiences
This week launched the Middle Places Blog and Facebook community. I've met so many wonderful new people, enjoyed so many laughs, and really enjoyed each blog entry.  If  you haven't checked it out yet, you really should.

All in all, it's been a fun week filled with new things! I hope you'll check a few of them out or maybe try a few new things of your own!