Nubbly Socks on a Smelly Dog: New Things Day 8

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One of the great things about writing is sometimes the process just flows making the thought bubbles in my head turn into word pictures on the page. The perfect words are plucked at the perfect ripeness and set perfectly in a nest of other words on the pristine page. That happened to me this weekend.
The problem is that sometimes, once that happens, the thought bubbles burst and the ideas wane. And I'm left staring at this blank screen and using a prompt generator for ideas:

"If tears could speak, what would they say to you?"


I went all this summer not saying much because I didn't feel like it. I didn't want to talk about what I was thinking. I also couldn't be bothered to be made to do something that I didn't feel like doing.

But I put all that away when I committed to do this 31 Day project because it was time to get the heck off my spoiled little hind end and start using my voice again. Because I love to tell a story and dadgum if God didn't give me one to tell and an audience to hear and what the heck am I doing squandering all this blessing wallowing in the pit of my own self-indulgence?

No that time is over. I sat here and thought about not really wanting to craft a blog around the new thing I did today ( BOOOOO-RING; well to me it was fun, but it's not going to make a whole blog; or maybe tomorrow I will be all inspired anew and you'll get every detail in all their titillating splendor). I even considered just throwing in the towel and saying, "Forget it. Every body misses a day now and then."

And yet, here I am, and here you are. I'm typing and you're reading and suddenly I've done this thing that two weeks ago, I would have walked away from in disdain.

Here's a little truth about new things: sometimes they show up dirty and difficult and even a little stinky, like the dog no one wanted who you suddenly find sleeping in your living room with no idea how he got there or who let him in.  Everyone wants to keep the sparkly new things that make the fancy noises, but you still sometimes end up with a pair of nubby socks from your great aunt on Christmas Day and no matter how many time you throw them away, they end up back in your sock drawer when all your clothes are wet in the washer and you need socks RIGHT NOW.

THAT is what this blog is. It's nappy, nubbly socks on a mangy mongrel that no one loves.
BUT BY GOLLY IT IS A NEW THING because I just sat here and wrestled it out of thin air where fifteen minutes ago there was just frustration and silence.

THIS is my new thing today. This creation where before I would have walked on, given up or made excuses. This is the real deal, me without pretty words or reason and writing anyway. You don't have to pet it and love it, but please don't send it out in the cold.

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Pattie said...

Well done! :)