Re-NEW-ed Purpose: New Things Day 3

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About two years ago, I started running. (You can read about that here) It was basically nothing short of a miracle. I have never considered myself to be athletic; don't even get me started on coordination. But once I got over the excruciating transition from sedentary lump to recreational runner, I found that I loved it. Not a little bit. A LOT. But the truth is, it's hard work, and sometimes I get really lazy. Sometimes the brutal Georgia summer is my running nemesis. My running routine has been sporadic at best for a million different reasons. The latest, and probably the most valid excuse was my back-to-back colonoscopy and hysterectomy that happened in late July and early August.  Even a laproscopic hysterectomy knocked me down harder and longer than I expected. I walked a great deal, as much as I could, but running made my swelly belly uncomfortable - think Night Before Christmas proportions- and at the end of my recovery time was a lovely eight day stint at the beach.

I did not run on vacation.

After that my reasons turn back into laziness and procrastination.


When Monday morning, October 1st dawned, I knew it was time to stop being a bum and get back to what I love doing, at the time of year when I most love doing it. I knew it was going to be rough and make my legs hurt and my arches ache, but what I found instead was euphoria. Granted, I'm not running marathons right now, but even so, even though toddlers might lap me and I probably look akin to a basset hound in slow motion, my body immediately remembered that this is something it can do, something that clears out the mind  and allows the physical self to just be: in motion, in rhythm, in space and time.

I ran again this morning, farther and smoother, feeling that it shouldn't be this easy after two months off, but too ecstatic to question the freedom of thinking only about breathing and motion.

I said at the beginning of 31 days that some of my new things would be re-newing habits and practices that make me better, make me more me.  Running was a friend I left too long waiting for me to return. I'm back now. Renewed. Ready to take on the challenge of finding my pace and my space again.

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Love you.