Swoony Girl: New Things Day 20

 Just so you know, I'm a weird sort of groupie. I am. I like to stalk people through their blogs and words and experiences, and when it's someone who also sings things that matter and has awesome hair, AND walks their talk and that walk is one you hold in high regard...well, then I get a leetle bit reservedly swoony.

This is me. With Shaun Groves. And other really neat people but SHAUN GROVES.
Yes, I'm the one with the cleavage. It's breast cancer awareness month. That's my excuse.

I know many people don't know who Shaun Groves is (well I know that now that I've walked around shrieking "SHAUN GROVES" for two days and most people return a blank stare for my volume) but he once sang a very popular song on the Christian radio circuit: Welcome Home.  That's the one you've likely heard. Anyway, he's gone on to become a huge Compassion International advocate who still puts out some amazing (if less popular) music.  He may have stood in front of a crowd of affluent Atlanta folk last night and said, "Maybe for Christmas you don't get your child the latest gaming system but you sponsor a Compassion child instead and do something that's actually good for your family."  I like a man who speaks truth and compassion in the same razor edged sentence.

This is where I was last night, me and ten or so other really incredible people --new to me people that I conversed with and had a very good time-- and Shaun Groves, and Micah who isn't in the picture and whose last name I can't remember but who plays a mean banjo and is also a really, really nice guy. We met together in Marietta, Georgia with some other people I wasn't nearly as excited or swoony about, and together we helped almost ninety children receive Compassion sponsors. To be fair, Shaun and Micah did most of the work, but we talked and answered questions and encouraged and took paper work and money and shared and laughed and cried and did something, a big something, with very little effort on our part and a very big move of God.

It was so good for me.
Because here for awhile, I kind of tamped down the passion for most things. I needed a good kick in the pants to get the fire going again.

I got that last night. Just the kick I needed.
 I want to be sure right now to thank the amazing and wonderful Windy (she's to the right of me in the photo) for inviting me to do this. For having enough passion to spill over into me and light me up again. I've had a million great gifts since moving to Georgia, but you just keep giving me new, wonderful things to unwrap all the time. Thank you.

And Shaun, thanks for simply being real. I think we'll be talking again soon (not in a creeper way, in a totally above board and advocating kind of way, promise. And maybe just touching your hair a little bit).

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