The Art of Intentional: New Things Day 4

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If you have read this blog, or talked with me for any length of time, you know my love of new things. This week was the glorious phenomenon of the new things trifecta: New Day, New Week, New Month all on Monday.  I was very nearly giddy. While I will dive for the comfort of the familiar when life gets scary, I don't thrive on it. It's new things that really set my heart beating because they hold the promise of great adventure. While I used to be a new thing junky, constantly starting and never following through, I have slowed a bit in my old age and am much better at not only starting, but finishing the projects, bunny trails, and ventures that capture my interest.  Or maybe rather than more disciplined, I've just grown more stubborn. Either way, I've got a great deal more stick-to-it-tiveness than I had a few years ago.

That said, it isn't necessarily easy to come up with a new thing every single day when you are out of practice, a fact that is a bit daunting now, only four days in.  What I am find is that  my brain is more observant and awakened to opportunities where I hadn't considered looking before. I have to be creative and aware more than I have been all summer long, a welcome change from hiding beneath my security blanket. I also find that I am not necessarily blogging each day specifically on what new things I do, so I added that list to my 31 Days page (Linked here or just visit the top tab).  I'm getting reacquainted with being intentional about what the day contains rather than simply attempting to guard myself from what it might slap me with next.  In big and small ways, I'm seeking newness in all it's awesome wonder, and that is a thrilling  way to leap into each day.  I'm grateful for the experience, and to have those of you who visit each day to share it with.

I May, I Might, I Must

If you tell me why the fen
appears impossible, I then
will tell you why I think that I
can get across it if I try
  ~~ Marianne Moore, O To Be a Dragon

A library load of new adventures.

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