This is the End?

It does seem rather anti-climactic
So, I have to ask myself, did I fail at 31 days?

I did not post for an entire 31 days, at all.  Or even close. I really should have known that going home was going to derail me. I thought I was prepared, but I wasn't. There are a million reasons, and I am not done unpacking them mentally enough to share them yet. It was both a wonderful, really wonderful, and difficult trip. I saw my brother, Travis for the first time since his treatment and surgery. I wasn't prepared.  He is getting better; he really is, but, oh. Oh my heart. The summer has taken its toll, and I was not prepared.

But I digress into excuses instead of dissecting the month's goal.
When all is said and done, no, I didn't meet the lofty standard I set, but I did write.  I wrote a lot. Compared to this summer, I wrote a tome of weight and depth.
And, I found an answer to prayer and dove in with my whole self at Middle Places.  I've been challenged every week with what I write there, and challenged even more by the writing of others.
I cooked, read, visited and enjoyed a lot of new things. More than I wrote about. More than I listed. I remembered how fun it is just to be fun. I laughed a lot. I met a lot of new people.
And you, you all came and read and commented and sent me notes and encouraged me. That was good. It was really good.

I honestly look back at it and say, "Ok self, you did a great job out of the gate. Now how do we get better?"

Blogging is kind of like running, you have good days and bad days, days where you fly and days where you barely crawl. But even at the end of the bad run, you can tell yourself that you ran way better than the people who never got off the couch.

I got off the couch.
I got off the couch, and I have a plan to continue, to not get back on the couch and sit under the blanket with the bag of M&M's and stare mindlessly at the television while life slips by (I've done this. Sometimes it's how I survive, so that's not judgement.).

One of the new things I was introduced to during my month, was by one of my new Middle Sisters: 31 days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo. I started it, and I wanted to write about it. But you know, after the first time, it wasn't a new thing. So I could only write about it once which posed a quandary.

So I decided.  November? Well, November I am going to blog about blogging. You get to share. You get to  discuss and participate. It's going to be fun. There will be other things here as well, but by golly, I'm working my way through that book.

And certainly, I'm going to miss some days.
Life is like that.
I am very much alright with that if you are.
Let's go.


Leann Richardson said...

Sounds like a fun month ahead! :) I am working my way through a food blogging book right now. It is taking me a long time because I stopped for other challenges in October. LOL I am picking it back up this next week. I am not a writer... am a chef so the food blog really is a better venue for me than just being a writer blogger like you. Looking forward to November with you and your blogging about blogging book. :)

Leann Richardson said...

I read back over my comment and I did not mean you are JUST a writer blogger... it is TOTALLY an awesome thing you do but my words did not make it sound that way. I think you know what I meant but I just wanted to make sure. <3 I wish I were more writerly/thinkerly but I am more foodie and matter of factly instead. LOL

Pattie said...

It's not a failure if you did new stuff all month.
I'm going to work on giving myself a lot of grace and recovery time for the rest of the year. That's my goal :)

Dana Portwood said...

LOL Leann I TOTALLY read it exactly as you meant it. I did. I look forward to your foodie adventures!

Dana Portwood said...

I think that's a GREAT goal.
I think it's really important to recognize what you DO do rather than always thinking about where you failed.
That goes for me too.

Leann Richardson said...

My friend from the UK, Debs, shared a great article the other day on making a list of "I did it!" at the end of the day instead of a to do list at the beginning! She is the mother of two small ones and writing how many diapers a day she changed, feedings and prepping meals, cleaning up after them, etc... showed her she was doing a lot more than she thought! LOL That might work for this nicely. You DID DO A LOT! You just did not blog it every single day. That trip you made was WAY more important than blogging every day. Yeah, Dana for spending your time well and for all you did accomplish in October!!!