Time Out: New Things Day 9

**If this is your first 31 Day entry and you would like to read more about the project, please look at the 31 Days tab at the top of this page.**

I took the month of August off. I mean that quite literally. I had a hysterectomy on August 2nd, and the next six weeks were spent recovering. By recovering I mean getting angry that no one would let me do anything for myself and viewing Hunky as some sort of recovery despot and railing against the medical establishment for stealing my freedom (I'm still railing against the medical establishment for continuing to steal our bank account, but I digress).
Since Mid-September, however, I feel like a crazy dervish set lose upon humanity. Since October first I feel like a whirling dervish dragging this laptop behind me. Between 31 Days and the wonderful launch of Middle Places, not to mention the million little ways I use the internet and this computer each day, it seems as though I spend more time staring at the world passing than traveling in it. My brain is crammed with ideas and schemes. Aspirations spill out and trail behind me on the floor leaving sparkly dream dust as I race by.

I need time to gather my thoughts and sort them out into semi-tidy piles. My lists need to graduate to crossed out scraps of paper. I want to sit outside and bask.

So that, is what the next almost twenty-four hours will hold. Me turning off, tuning out, rebooting.  It's not a new thing, but it's sure new to this month. See you in twenty-four hours with new momentum to explore.

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