Winter Talk

It was on the first day of winter-
not by calendar's counting
but the first November day
when sky lingers low and brooding,
darkness cling
misty rain whispering
icy promises-

I love the way the air
she says
eyes agleam with wonder and mischief,
It's sharp in my chest
and fills my nose with
and bright leaves

She glances askance
as if to say
she's sharing
secret treasures.
I grin affirmation and share again,

I love winter's birth air
by February it stales
with bitter edges
But in the first cold days
Your alveoli crackle and
eyes tear sudden.
Winds dance sugarplum dreams
and snow globe visions.
When winter is young our hearts
with welcome and it tastes
so sweet.

We sat
quiet then-
some minutes.
The heater humming
brittle dry warmth
wet wheels
shush us homeward.

I knew you'd get it, Mom
she says finally
I can't say that to everyone

I know, my beautiful girl.
I do.